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          Symphony Of Angels – Thank You

          April 12th, 2019

          There is nothing more glorious than the joy of music being passed from one generation to the next.

          The Angels walk on stage to Hooper Brewster-Jones’ overture from ‘Australia Felix‘. Hooper’s grandsons, John and Rick, nod at each other. John then looks at his son, Sam, on bass, and smiles. Three generations of Brewsters making music. Full circle. A dream come true. The power of music.

          Forty-five years after they formed – “45 years better,” one fan remarks – the power of The Angels is undiminished. The Brewster Brothers’ incomparable guitar interplay, the rumbling rhythm section of Sam Brewster and Nick Norton, and the manic energy of frontman Dave Gleeson, a potent mix of menace and mirth. Then there’s the conductor, Rob John, who speaks both languages – classical and rock.

          There are moving tributes to bandmates who are no longer with us. ‘Love Takes Care Of Its Own‘ – ‘I Just Want To Be With You‘.

          Classic rock, classical music. Seemingly, a clash of cultures. In the end, this is a communal experience. Many members of the crowd have brought their children. Some are seeing The Angels for the very first time.

          There’s an orchestra on stage. And a choir. The choir members smile as every member of the crowd joins them: “No way, get f#cked, f#ck off!” The chant. A rallying cry. An Aussie mating call.

          This is family, a Symphony of Angels.

          Many thanks to:
          Rob John
          Sydney Lyric Orchestra, Veronique Serret; Adrian Keating
          Sydney Philharmonia Choir; Mark Robinson
          Australian Stage Orchestra; Jennen Ngiau-Keng; Leah Hooper
          Royal Melbourne Philharmonic Choir; Andrew Wailes
          Lucy Belfrage; Sally Schinkel-Brown (Lyric and Stage orchestra)
          Greg Clifford; Chris Clifford; Mal McEwan; Al Griffin; Steve Wright; Simon Johnson
          Maurice Parker; Wilbur Wilde
          Carolyn Unwin; Blicka & Lou; Eva Roberts; Ed Acheson
          Matt Laverty; Andy King, Shane Hill
          Our promoter, Duane McDonald; our agent, Tony Grace; Jeremy Batulan
          Dean McLachlan, Warren Costello (Mushroom)
          Falcon; Cam Roberts (Stage)
          Guy Taffs, Pip Bulmer, Nicola Carfrae
          Sydney Opera House and Hamer Hall staff

          Photos Greatly Appreciated From Tania Smith

          Radio Interview & Ensemble Performance – 6pm Thu 7th

          March 5th, 2019

          Richard Glover will be interviewing the Brewsters this Thursday 7th March at 6pm on his ‘Drive‘ radio show on Sydney ABC radio.

          ?As a special treat there will be a live ensemble performance including the addition of a violinist and also Brewster family friend, cellist Sally Schinkel-Brown.

          The show ‘Symphony Of Angels‘ draws a bow right back to the Brewsters long family involvement with orchestral music through their father and their uncle.

          In fact Viv Schenkel, mother of cellist Sally Schinkel-Brown, was known to accompany John & Rick’s father on piano when he himself performed on the cello.

          Closing this musical loop even further is the fact that cellist Sally Schinkel-Brown is also a great friend to the conductor of ‘Symphony Of Angels‘ – Mr Rob John.

          All in all, these ever entwining musical collaborations, along with the blood ties of the Brewsters themselves, serve only to deepen the musical experience enjoyed by all during ‘Symphony Of Angels‘.

          Tune In To “Drive” on ABC Radio Sydney – 6pm Thu Mar 7th

          Also Avaialable On Podcast

          ‘No Exit’ 40 Years On – Touring Jun & Jul

          February 26th, 2019

          Celebrating The 40th Anniversary Of The ‘No Exit’ Album

          No Support Bands – Angels Playing All Night – Be There Early!

          The year 2019 marks another auspicious occasion for The Angels, the 40th anniversary of their third album ‘No Exit‘. The album, which spawned classic hits such as the title track No Exit and the still beloved show-stoppers Shadow Boxer and Mr Damage, peaked at No. 8 in the charts.

          The special thing about the tour is that there are no supports – it is just The Angels, full on, recharged for the entire show.

          We will be doing two sets over the whole evening, the first set will be the No Exit album in its entirety and the second set is a mix of classic Angels songs and a few rarities.” says John Brewster.

          Fri 28th Jun & Sat 29th Jun – The Gov – Adelaide

          Fri 5th Jul – Highfield – Caringbah

          Sat 6th Jul – Pittwater RSL – Pittwater

          Fri 12th Jul – Gateway Hotel – Geelong

          Sat 13th Jul – Village Green Hotel – Mulgrave

          Fri 19th Jul – The Triffid – Brisbane

          Sat 20th Jul – Kingscliff Beach Hotel – Kingscliff

          Fri 26th Jul – Belmont 16’s – Belmont

          Sat 27th Jul – Hornsby RSL – Hornsby

          The Band Can’t Wait For The Orchestra – Only Weeks To Go

          February 20th, 2019

          Online ticket sales for these special shows are selling extremely fast.

          The Angels can’t wait to do it all again and there’s only weeks to go!

          Playing our hits alongside a Symphony Orchestra was the musical dream of a lifetime – not only for the band but also for the masses of Angels fans who got to hear for the first time a whole new angle on the tunes we all grew up loving in the pubs and at the concerts… really special” – Rick Brewster

          Grab Your Tickets – Don’t miss out on these one time events!

          ‘Take A Long Line’ – Orchestral

          February 1st, 2019

          For the final sneak preview of some exclusive footage from a Sold Out Orchestral show in Adelaide last year we see the band, the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra and the choir do a ripping version of The Angels classic hit “Take A Long Line“.

          Best news is that April will see the band once again presenting this “Symphony Of Angels” concert at The Opera House in Sydney and the Hamer Hall in Melbourne.

          Don’t miss out on these one time events!

          ‘Marseilles’ – Adelaide Symphony Orchestra

          January 25th, 2019

          In July 2018 The Angels performed a special orchestral concert alongside the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra and backed by a choral ensemble…. and they’ll be doing it again!

          Here is a sneak preview of “Marseilles” in some exclusive footage from that Sold Out show in Adelaide. You can view it as a forerunner to repeat performances of this show in April 2019.

          Video 9 of 10 in this series shows just how universal “Marseilles” can be as it gains momentum from the addition of an orchestral arrangement along with choral enhancement.


          Don’t miss out on these one time events!

          ‘My Light Will Shine’ – Orchestral Version

          January 18th, 2019

          In July 2018 The Angels performed a special orchestral concert alongside the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra and backed by a choral ensemble…. and they’ll be doing it again!

          As a forerunner to repeat performances of this show in April 2019 here is a sneak preview to exclusive footage from that Sold Out show in Adelaide.

          Video 8 of 10 in this series shows just how “My Light Will Shine”, from the 1998 “Skin & Bone” album, brings alive both the orchestra and choir.



          Don’t miss out on these one time events!

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